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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Another option might be to park a cheap metro/civic/whatever at the edge of the "badlands". You will have to get your maintenance in while you can though

So, for example, if it is 2 miles of unavigable stuff and 298 miles of hardtop then this might work out for you. The smaller car would probably pay for itself in a few trips.
I've essentially been doing this for a few years now, at least in winter. I am a renewable energy engineering student (just getting started) and my wife has massive medical bills so I buy my vehicles as non runners usually and nurse them back. I'm not a very materialistic person, and a pretty mellow guy, but the thought of someone just counteracting all that hard work through vandalism/would tee me off. time for an alternative.

I thought about a suzuki 650 dualsport motorcycle, but can only haul like 200 lbs of non-me weight, and my wife is a big viking chick, let alone the st. bernard/camping gear/building materials.

I ride my bicycle everywhere, my wife is a city girl she grew up in tokyo and austin tx. I'm a country boy, and I pretty much only drive to get out to the woods because of time constraints/have to take care of the pup. Something like this project could allow me to spend more time playing out in the woods too.
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