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CCTV / Little black box project

On my last out of state trip, I got bored (17 hour drive) and realized I had my camera in the glove box, so I set it on the dash and hit record. A whole lot of nothing, honestly.


I did record me passing two squad cars and another car in the ditch, followed by me being pulled over and issued a 500$ ticket. I'm working on fighting the charges as I have GPS logged and footage for the case showing I was doing 5 mph under in the slow lane and did not have a clear opening to get over (move over law is what I was cited for) but I did decide a CCTV system could really save my ass in the future, and its what I'm going to build next.

I'm shooting for a 4 camera system, one on the front, one on the back, one for the cabin, and one on the GPS showing speed and location. I have no need to actually see the footage while in the car, so a simple DVR type device will do. I'm looking into 12 volt ones now.

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