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Smoke testing JUST might be doable. I hear (and saw for myself) that seafoam through the throttle body creates an ass ton of smoke. I am thinking seafoam (or other similar) injection maybe directly into the exhaust? in the lead car the subject car follows close in and a chase car alongside off to the side with a video camera.

get the smoke going video tape the results. not perfect but MIGHT garner usable results.

I am thinking kamback and air injection under the kamback to virtually "extend" the kamback.

as for costing more energy than saved this is an oxymoron. entrophy says this is 100% what will happen 100% of the time. Period so even saying it kind of sounds silly.

what matters is NOT energy in versus energy out (which is ALWAYS negative) but DOLLARS in versus dollars out.

even if it takes 3 times the energy you save is the alternative CHEAPER.

ie compressing the air at home uses your household current and as we know this is virtually FREE compared to the cost of gasoline. so unless your using hundreds of kilowatts each drive your never going to spend as many dollars on E as you do on GAS. This is why EV's are so damned desirable.

you run into another problem though. your going to expend you compressed air VERY VERY quickly. as a short TEST with say a scan gauge this might garner results but you only going to be able to carry at best a few minutes of air power with you without going to very very expensive tanks and pumps. ie you need a giant tank at THOUSANDS of PSI not the measily 120-150psi your can do with conventional affordable tech and the 20-40 gallons of air you can carry at that pressure.

you need more along the lines of 50-80 gallons of air at 4000-5000psi to get anything usable. the COMPRESSOR to do that costs more than most of our cars cost and it was not designed for such a duty cycle ie even more expensive.

real time generation is likely going to be whats needed. I am not sure how to do this. it does make the thought juices flow though :-)
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