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Christopher -

Originally Posted by Christopher Jordan View Post
In California we have almost the highest gas cost in the US, so I think this is very much the reason for a shaky economy in this area. We are south of San Francisco- the states highest average fuel costs. $3.59/ga. I think!

I filled up my Aspire last week, got angry it took $18., so put the car away. I hope my trikes never wear out!

Amusing, in a way. Most inventions left the country, and now that we need it; only a small few have persisted. Overall quite sad for society.

I'm in SoCal. I paid $3.76 for Chevron 91 Octane, and that's at a reasonably priced station.

I wish it didn't have to be this way, but most societies only change (or die) when they are forced to. No 1973 Oil Embargo and we'd probably still be driving the Big-3 Iron Dinosaurs.


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