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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Maybe you could post a link or two, or some pictures so we could understand what you're talking about. QUOTE]

2009 SEMA Pictures: 2009 SEMA Automotive X-Prize Contestants

Here are some of the contestants.

Even if the price of gas is $3 now, and going up. If you by a car getting 25mpg now for 20,000. What is a car getting 100mgp worth over the 5 years of ownership? Just based on gasoline savings (~$9000) over 5 years.

What would you pay? (20,000 +, 30,000...... free?)
I love the looks of all those cars.

I would pay around 30k for one. To be able to go 1000 miles on 10 gallons would be way cool!!!
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