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Originally Posted by max_frontal_area View Post
you can find a boost gauge in a junk yard for a few quit. if not pull an MPG
gauge out of benz and reorient (clock it differently) it will do pressure as well as vaccum. great quality gauges.
Already brought a boost gauge months ago. Need to get around to fitting it tho. Sigh.

also might i suggest an AIT gauge. interesting to see economy changes with warm and cool intake temps.
Don't most modern cars have an external temperature display nowadays anyway? Maybe not as accurate as an AIT gauge but wouldn't be very much different. Even my cheap bottom-of-the-range 8 year old Astra has one and it doesn't even have ABS. But on the other hand, all post 1996 cars in the USA can use a scangauge which will display the AIT anyway? Unfortunately my car doesn't have an OBD-II port so I can't use one :-( I've now got 4 gauges to fit and nowhere to fit 2 of them! :-) Would prefer a EGT gauge over an AIT one anyway.

So far in my experience there's not a lot of variation in relation to temperature for my engine. If you look at my fuel log you'll see the consumption have stayed fairly static despite a temperature range between -1 to 15 deg C since August. In fact the best tank was recorded on the hottest day of the year! This despite ppl telling me diesels get better MPG when its cold. Ah well.

My aim: to achieve 3L/100km.
Best tank @ 65mph: 864.2 miles 69.36MPGus 3.4l/100km
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