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Originally Posted by ECONORAM View Post
Wow, and I am aiming for 300# out of my truck. Not sure I will make that, but I gotta have a goal. Since it is 5200 stock, I figure I can scrap some stuff without much issue. The problem is all the aero panels I keep adding are making me go in the wrong direction!
The quickest way to get rid of wt from your truck, but rims. Go to and enter your year, make, model...then click on rims. Then you can sort by wt and you'll be amazed at how light some of them are, yet durable. The absolute biggest wt reduction would be removal of the bed, but then it would no longer be a truck....but I have seen some 4 banger little trucks that have had their beds replaced with anything from fiberglass reproductions to thin gauge metal frame work.

Since the last post on this thread I have removed a total of @ 105 lbs, but put on some sharp looking rims and tires to make it look better. The rims and tires added 32 more lbs and hurt the 1//4 mile times by .6-.7 seconds....the mpg remained the same since I can pump up the new package to 51 psi while the old 13s had a max of only 35!!!

Follow these links to see the car with the headlight covers and grill block:

Even the 3 cylinder Geo gets action
UMTR Nationals at Edgewater - 9/26/09 - Hyper-Performance Motorsports Inc. Photography
The White Gnat strikes again
UMTR Nationals at Edgewater - 9/26/09 - Hyper-Performance Motorsports Inc. Photography
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