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$1 more for Diesel??

Hey guys ... maybe I'm lucky for being in a part of the country where I don't see the disparity of costs between diesel and gas, but $1 difference I've really never seen. Diesel is indeed more expensive than the low grade gasonile (regular unleaded), but in the mountain states Diesel is about .10-.15 centes higher (i've seen in the past as high as .25 c), but never $1 higher. If compared to premium gas, it's either the same or lower. If using these numbers, and considering the 30-42 mpg city/hwy for the TDI's, which is quite higher mpg than its comparable gas engine, the fuel cost savings is fairly significant, coupled with the fact that the diesel engine will simply last longer, I feel there's little comparison. Just my 2 cents ... no pun.
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