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Here's a link a friend of mine came across:
Very strong and very small electric motor - diyAudio
In the recent past, some US collages and a competition of racing electric open wheel cars (that raced in conjunction with CART races). The one I saw started with a stock 3 phase AC, 60Hz 30hp motor. They oil cooled it and increased the drive frequency to maybe 200 or 300HZ I think that this resulted in a final 300hp. A web search may find more details.
There was some discussion about using industrial electric motors for EVs. Industrial motors are built many times tougher than design specifications, which gives lots of room for "overclocking". Especially for peak power which is what defines the "feel" of the performance. If a 10x overclock is typical, that means a 10HP motor would be sufficient for a more "everyday" EV with a peak requirement of 100HP. Since hypermilers generally do not need much performance and aerodynamic modifications reduce continuous power requirements, even smaller motors can be used.
(Maybe she would be known as the "EV girl"?)
If America manages to eliminate obesity, we would save as much fuel as if every American were to stop driving for three days every year. To be slender like Tiffany Yep is to be a real hypermiler...

Allie Moore and I have a combined carbon footprint much smaller than that of one average American...
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