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How long should a driving loop be for A-B-A testing?

Now that I've got a ScanGauge I want to start doing some proper testing for various upcoming aero tweaks.

I get there's a few basic requirements for a stretch of road for testing:

1) Flat
2) Low to no traffic
3) Be able to get up to reasonable speed (50mph?)

But what about number 4? How long should the test section be? Is 1/2 mile long enough? Is 5 miles too long to deal with?

I'm scoping out roads in the area. Been a bit tricky to find some flat stuff of a decent length and have places to turn around at each end. I've got a section not too far from home that's 2.5 miles long and 50mph, but has +35/-13ft elevation gain/loss. Also, it make for a long testing session (did some ABA out there today, took a loooong time).

Got a short section even closer, less than 1 mile long, but its a busier two-lane, and only 40mph. Not so good.

Looking at a section a bit out of town, very deserted two lane. Looks like I could find a 1-2 mile section with less than 30ft elevation change and shoulder room to turn around wherever.

So... how long should I make the test section? I'm leaning towards 1 mile, mostly to make 9 full passes of testing achievable in reasonable time.

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