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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Did I read that right .... you can add biodiesel to gasoline and have it actually run in a gas engine ??

What's the catch ?
I tried as much as 50% bio-diesel and at that point I didn't have full power, the fuel acted like it wasn't burning fully, or maybe fast enough, it smoked alot and sputtered at high revs, 20% bio-diesel it ran pretty well, a little smoke and a little sputtering at the highest revs, with 10% I couldn't tell the difference between the 1:9 mix of gas and the 100% gas other then a very faint Chinese food smell in the exhaust, the power was the same all the way up to redline, my top speed on the 125cc motorcycle was the same, the o2 sensor that I installed in the exhaust looked just fine, the spark plug looked perfect, I did not take any mixed with gas to see if it separated out weird or anything.
my gas mileage didn't change a great deal after adjusting for the extra 10% fuel in my tank, but it didn't drop either.
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