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Hypermiling the 2010 honda insight

I had the chance to drive a 2010 Insight. I have techniques that work well for a 5 speed non-hybrid and the insight was frustrating to drive knowing mostly those techniques. It does not pulse well because the engine rpms spike too high. The hybrid system just seems to suck power the way I'm driving it. I refuse to just hold'er steady because I've seen so much evidence against doing so in my own car. I'm confident that that's not the most efficient way considering the drag of the engine down hills and loss of momentum/distance on an idling engine.

I read about a throttle setting that works under very low load conditions where the car runs only on the electric engine and closes the valves (stop using gas), but i was only able to get that to happen twice on a 15 mile drive. The rest of the time, I just used neutral and consequently didn't let the car charge itself back up.

The cvt and hybrid system seem like they're made both so that the average uninterested joe can sit down and make 45mpg and also made to defeat any attempts at non-hybrid hypermiling.

Do you know or have you heard any good tricks for the car? I'll get to drive it a few more times this weekend.

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