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Originally Posted by MetroMPG;142013
Hope you don't mind I split your question off into a new thread.

...If I had the money and wanted to buy rather than build an EV, I'd look for
a Force.
No problem, the split is a good idea.

I'm pretty sure that I couldn't handle the myriad of details that getting this
car on the road would entail... even with outside help. (The pictures of the
battery comparments with the odd wires lying about seem particularly
worrisome to me)

As you've noted it apears to be a good starting point for someone with the
time, covered space, tools and ability to learn new stuff to get started...
before the Nissan LEAF arrives and at maybe half the cost.

It's being available -- for some 6 days and some odd hours at any rate --seems like an opportunity to exchange ideas with members at large on what would be needed...

reasonable expectations
cost estimaes
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