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Originally Posted by mcrews View Post
When I got married in dec of 1986, my SCCA SoloII racing buddie drove down from dallas to san antonio in his new vette ( 86 or 87 but the new -at that time - body). He had been racing a stock 79 mazda rx7 (very bad mpg 14-16 but very quick!!) So he tells me at the reception that he got 26mpg in his new vette....I couldn't believe it!
But I guess there are 2 overdrive gears in the 6 speed??

Anyway welcome.....
Thanks for the welcome..!

Top speed is achived in 5th gear at redline. 6th gear is strictly an overdrive gear for fuel economy. It works great! I also skip shift 1-3-5 or 1-3-4-6 often which helps.

Yea your buddy drove you down in a C4..Cd was probably.34
My C5 has a Cd of .29
When you say New Vette..Do you mean C6?? with the lowest Cd of all corvettes at .28

I hear GM might produce a diesel Vette..lifted from one of there remaining truck divisions.
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