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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Welcome aboard!

I think we pretty much like Vettes here so that's no worry.

I'm fairly certain that your wing proposal is going to hurt more than help.

And vortex generators... there might be some proponents and support for that idea, but IMHO they won't help, especially with your car's rear profile.
Thanks Frank

The wing and vortex gen are in a direct response to me confirming the accumulation of dirt on the 4 rear light wells on the back bumper of the Vette. This tells me that airflow off the back is producing the eddy effect as it rolls past the rear deck and bumper..and not rolling off cleanly.
I took great care to choose a wing that was very light weight, adjustable angle and very flat to produce minimal drag.. The vortex Gen will be place properly to create and airfoil affect and have the high pressure airflow stay closer to the rear glass and increase the affectiveness of that wing


I plan on doing some real world testing to determine the overall affects. And plan on taking video at high speeds to confirm my findings

Thank you for your input

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