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It is difficult to say, for sure. I suspect the clunk sound may be just coming from the play in the half shafts and drive train. As far as the transmission fluid is concerned, whatever you do, do NOT change it. You should check it and keep it full, but for one reason or another, when automatic transmissions get a lot of miles on them, it is better to just leave the transmission fluid alone. If you change it, you have a higher likelihood of the transmission going out, within the next 5,000 miles, than if you leave it alone.

I have heard this, seen it happen, the best explanation I got was that as it gets higher in mileage, the little particulate pieces in the fluid seem to help keep things lubricated, plugged up, or something. In any case, changing the fluid washes all of the gunk out, whereupon the transmission fails shortly thereafter.

I'd say high mileage, for an automatic is anything over 100,000, so your's qualifies.
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