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I've also seen some conversions cleverly slice the end of the ICE block off, and use that as their adapter plate!

The coupler is going to be a bit harder to do.

Remind us again what your performance/range goals are?
I can't use the end of the block because that's where the hole and crack are. The crack in the engine runs all the way to the interface with the trans... I could get a better picture when I take pictures of the things I intend to sell. That dust shield, however, is perfect. I may be able to use the hub from the clutch to help me make the coupler, as topher mentioned.

I'd be very happy with 20-30 miles, with a top speed of 45mph and slow acceleration. I'm expecting less in both, but a guy can dream, no? That 36v motor looks pretty small compared to the more popular bigger conversion motors, and I don't know what to expect when I run twice the voltage rating through it.
Looking good! Guess you won't have time to come help me play with me car (which is a good thing I think)
I knew you didn't want me around

I think you should keep the paint job
How about I give that paint job to your car then paint this one black? I'm pretty good with a spray can and I think I can duplicate that rich detailing to your satisfaction on the IRX.

BTW, lemme know what parts you are getting rid of. That is the same engine I have in my Paseo and I might be interested.
I'm getting rid of everything ICE related. Everything but the block and maybe the head is in great shape (although there was some oil in the intake box for some reason - I think this engine quite literally blew up.). I removed the exhaust from the manifold and the manifold from the head without any issue (no shearing off of bolts) and it's nice and solid - nothing rusting away. Radiator is good, power steering, AC system (sans coolant of course), fuel tank/pump, et cetera. I'll likely make a FS post here for a while and see if tercel/paseo people need anything, then move to CL.
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