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Ya, Adam's is also a freewheel diode design. I'll make a freewheel mosfet GCode. It won't be hard at all.. I have a robot in that dang garage that etches whatever I command! Well, stepper motors. But that's sort of a robot. You wouldn't have to pay extra at all. I needed to do that. I was going to anyway for goodness sakes! haha. The control board will need some changes. 2 DC-DC converters, high and low side mosfet drivers, etc...

That sounds fun! We'll teach those MIT punks a lesson! long live S.P.S.C.C.! STick the synchronous rectification version with the new and improved 200v 230amp mosfets on a dang go-cart and melt the tires! Short bursts of maybe 2000 amps. hahaha. Well, thicker power pcb too. haha.

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