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your metro comes in calif. and fed 48 flavors.

here is fed page 1 and 2

its a shame , my car has external Ignitor, yours is inside ecu , and the spark is monitored internal to the ecu on you year, bah.
so cut the ppl wire( purple) to ecu pin9 CMP input. aka ,
ign. refr, in.
see page 2 , this power feed top right corner is yoiur Ignition switch KEY ON , input.

this is from pub. lib. any gay/gal has this access, btw.

this example will die in 12hr, so DL it.

zip file.

cutting the pin nine ppl wire, will in fact set dtc code 42 , but will clear itself.
this kills spark and fuel both , one wire and will not blow anything up or hurt the ecu.

tell me how it works.

schematics for your car XFi metro

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