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Hmm, I guess it does kind of suck. It can't do lean burn, there's no MT option, and the Civic Hybrid actually gets better gas mileage on the EPA cycle.

The Prius will automatically shut off the engine below, what, 35mph? That would allow for some nice P&G. The 2010 Insight won't do auto stop above ~10mph, so forget about EOC in an unmodified Insight.

My advice, given that it has a CVT and throttle-by-wire: Hold 'er steady. Hopefully, the Honda ECU is smart enough to seek out low RPMs and wide throttle angles for you. You could confirm that with a scangauge.

It took me a few weeks to learn to drive my 2000 Insight efficiently. You'll get better at driving the 2010 Insight the more time you spend with it.
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