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HI Paul,

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hey Greg! I'm going to start ordering the AtMega168 instead.
And when you fill that one up you can then move to the AtMega328 for a whopping 32k

... but I'm pretty sure metric based glue will work well there.
Yes, I keep the metric glue next to the left handed screwdrivers.

Battery amps are being measured in software. Just a couple lines would be needed to disable the mosfets for a particular number of pwm periods if the battery amps exceeded 300.
Cool, I will have a look at this later.

For now I will just go with the standard kit. In my Volvo the Impulse 9 motor and Curtis controller would pull away from a standstill in third gear and could go all the way to 65mph. It was sluggish till about 5 mph though, so I didn't do this often, really it only happened when I forgot to change back to 2nd after coming to a stop. Then for a brief moment I would think the batteries were dying before realizing I was in the wrong gear.

Now this same motor is going into the Matiz which should weigh in the region of 900kg. The Volvo weighed in at 1,400 kg. I've gone all metric on you again and you want to hear something really funny, I am actually from California so metric is a second language to me. So I am hoping the lighter car will have decent acceleration off the line so that I can just lock the gearbox in 4th gear and never have to worry about changing gear. If I am not happy with the acceleration, I will look into upgrading the diodes so the controller can supply more current (and torque) at slow speeds.

Just have to find the money for it. But if I put it on the plastic at the end of the week I won't have to find the money till the middle of January, may do that.

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