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Got 45.2 mpg so far after the tranny swap. After the tranny swap and rear wheel well gap fillers, ive gotten as high as 46.2 mpg. Tomorrow ill be testing and getting pics with both front and rear wheel well gap fillers.

Im going to be pulling a 2.4 stratus head to replace my 2.0 neon head with. The cams are milder, and supposed to have more low end. Maybe a month or so and it'll be in, and i can start testing that.

One more note. Drove over the grape vine on thanksgiving. On the way back home, with myself and my wife in the car, i was able to coast 15 miles, without going below 55mpg. From Tejon pass to Laval road for anyone familiar with the area. Only aero mods were both side mirrors removed, grill block (pics tomorrow), rear wheel gap fillers (pics tomorrow), and wiper/antenae delete.

In feb ill be going back over it again, this time with my dad and i, (80 more pounds than my wife), with full rear wheel skirts, and a extensively aeromoded front bumper. Im hoping for 17 miles of coasting. When i stopped coasting, i was still going downhill, just not enough to maintain 55 mph.
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