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Originally Posted by Sorrow Six Star View Post
awesome save gas for more mods! I think you're my new hero

aero mods look good... listen to Christ I feel like he knows his stuff. (he'd better with a name like that huh?)

so I guess I am going to read through your posts to find out how much HP you have and learn about how you do this cause I too want a car the saves gas when I want and can hang at a hill climb too.
Thanks Man!!!

I'm thinking about shorting the boat tail by about two feet. The Del Sol design is kicking my arse as far as the way the Qt panels meet the roof. I'm trying to keep the transition smooth from the top of the Qt back. It makes a major bend behind the rear wheel well about 20 degrees and I don't know what to do with it?

The car now make 450whp. It can go from 74mpg to 5mpg by simply pressing the go fast pedal all the way down.LOL
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