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safest question.?

that is easy, cut the Signal. (and ignore the DTC, it should clear ,next power cycle.)

cutting power and ground is bad,

you do know? , that life testing of Assemblies under test
exploit 3 weakness (to simulate Time ,ie: life testing.)

1: power cycling..... hummmmm.
2: heat
3: clock rates. ( fast RPM in this case) high = get hotter and other things bad.

So cut the clock, the output other sensor is low current and it is harmless to
cut it , open and then back closed.
very harmless in fact.

on my car the Sensor driver is an open collector driver transistor
driving the ECU input transistor gate with a series resistor (protection) and
and pull up to 5vdc ECU internal supply.
opening this line is not harmful in an way. see links.

here is my spark page for sidekicks ( 89-98)
I am sure I have no spark

here is the guts of my CMP

we can find these facts on your car too.

it is not hard.

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