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Did you get that thing?
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Results are in

Did my first MPG calculation on the Civic today. Its only so-so right now at 33.22... epa combined is 36 so I'm under right now. This is my baseline for the car, even though it has been chilly and its only one fill-up too. I don't have a good average yet, but I'm going to start modding anyway. I just now noticed a small fuel leak that I thought I fixed, so thats part of it, and I haven't changed the plugs, wires, air filter or fuel filter yet, which I'll be doing this week, and I haven't filled the tires to 40psi yet either. So hopefully next tank, I will be above EPA.

Its funny how I have read on this forum about people saying how this site has made them drive more gently. It holds true with me for sure. When I drive that civic around now, I drive like a granny. Its kind of funny to see the look on peoples faces when they fly by you and stare you down like you're the one doing something wrong because you accelerate slow and actually do the speed limit

Here's a question for the honda guys. I've been shifting this car at no more than 2k in any gear, Is there a target shift RPM that will net me better economy on these cars? Also, when I get the VX trans, I know it is geared lower (or numerically higher) for economy, but I also know that the VX engine makes its torque lower in the powerband and so it goes well with its own trans. My question here is: If I mate that trans to my engine, will I cause any undue stress on my engine because of the gearing of the trans?

And here's another, I'm definitely getting a block heater for next winter. Do they do any good in warmer temperatures?.. or am I ok to wait until the temp starts to drop end of summer?

Now that I think about it.. the VX transmissions are geared higher (numerically lower), not vise-versa, I believe.


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