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Originally Posted by LostCause View Post

Food for thought: the lowest cD of a wheeled vehicle in ground effect - ~0.15

- LostCause

cD = .1 even
Frontal Area = .42 m^2

Varna Diablo
cD = .11
Frontal Area = .183 m^2

Virtual Edge
cDA = .011m^2 (don't have the actual cD value)

All of these are wheeled land based and close enough to experience the ground effect (at least, they are designed to work with that - except for the Diablo which was just sculpted - tested later). I'm only showing human powered ones because a great deal of effort has been put into achieving ridiculously low cDA values

Generally, it's not a good idea to place limits on "best" 400 years from now, when the star trekian force field is perfected - we'll have the ability to have cD values of .0001 and under etc.
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