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you need to start a diesel post, "day and night" it's hard enough to talk 20 years of gas.

btw , the newest cars , can run on either the crank or cam sensors.
CAn= SOME CAN and some cant.
Like many Lexus's do.

how ever it is very hard for the engine to run just on a crank sensor. (only)
because the ECU dont know TDC 1 from TDC 4 (4cyl)
see? The cam sensor only tells the Cyl # on many new cars. see?

but some genius designers invented a go to a limp-home mod that uses
bank injection fire (all at once) (no need for cam sensor)
and wasted spark.
Kinda like a carb on the injection side
and like an old 1970 4cyl Honda 750 motorcycle (one of the first wasted spark motors)
the results, motor runs but not too clean (smog).
newer cars are smarter and have more advanced, limp home modes and mimic modes.
study advanced OBD2 for those topics.

mimic is when a sensor dies, and the Brain simulates it the best it can.

in order to fool your ecu, you have to be a bit smarter, than it (joke)

Diesel. Diesels don't have spark and most dont have a throttle.
they run WOT with air full time. (there are exceptions_ on the WOT issues)
so all control is by the injection. (old fuel pumps, new have direct injection)
so that is a whole diffr,matter .
i have no ECU / PCM direct experience.

Again. best is to start a post on a specific car. They are all Different.
How ever you can experiment.
a relay that cuts CAS cam and CAS crank , will kill any gas motor dead.
and switch controlling said switch.

cas, crank angle sensor and cam angle sensor. (cmp , and CkP , old names)

how is that for ODB2 NFO?
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