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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
holding in the fuel cutoff kill switch while coasting in gear in your bosch pump style vw diesel is probably not the best idea, no.
No, but why would you kill fuel while coasting *in* gear?

Killing fuel at the shutoff solenoid while coasting in neutral should be no problem, as that's identical to a normal shutdown procedure (except the vehicle's moving, but the driveline is disconnected from the engine).

Diesels have a fuel shutoff solenoid. Some energize to run (hold power to keep fuel open, fail-safe), some energize to kill (momentary action to shut down fuel). I would imagine that most automakers would prefer the former for legal reasons but continuous duty solenoids do cost more. These solenoids act on the high-pressure side so the injection pump is not starved during shutdown (that would cause a royal PITA to re-prime the fuel line if you aren't running a self-priming electric lift pump). Research your vehicle to determine which shutdown mode your engine uses and kill or activate that solenoid appropriately.
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