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" With increasingly stringent worldwide fuel economy standards signaling a switch away from high performance machines, what is the next generation of Hot Rodders going to do?

In Japan there have already been a few examples of “eco-tuning.” As the name suggests, the goal of eco tuning is not make more power but to get better fuel economy. Japan’s Auto Labo is one of a few tuning companies who are jumping into the eco-tuning game. At the recent Osaka Auto Messe, the company showed its new aero kit for the Toyota Prius that increases fuel efficiency while giving the car a more aggressive look. The aero package includes a redesigned front bumper, side skirts, a rear under diffuser, and rear fender skirts. The aero kit, in combination with the forged Ray’s CE28 Eco Drive wheels, is said to give a fuel economy improvement of 3 kilometers per liter. Is this where the future of car tuning is going? "
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