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Lost cause,
The one pictured above was actually made with the fuselage of Mr..Bede's plane. This is NOT representative of the 350 or so made. those all had a hidden front wheel. Tchnically they are motorcycles so you are right on that. It is NOT a creative way to bend the law at all. Three wheel vehicules have been around since before the 20th century...The Morgan, Bond, Jewel come to mind. The Pulse has wheels on the outriggers for stabilisation at red lights and stop signs. If properly adjusted, most of the time they are not rolling. Sometimes only one touches during crosswinds and such. For more info, explore the first link. This is a cool machine, check the video featuring Mr. Bede.
As for milleage, anywhere from 45 to 100 is cited in all that I have read.
Less IS more !
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