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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
You do? Then why persist with the juvenile delinquent behavior?
I do it because I enjoy it. I'm not in your neighborhood. Sorry if it's one of your pet peeves. I'm quite considerate of my neighbors, actually. If it's anytime during the evenings or mornings the 250 comes out of the garage, not the ducati, since it's on stock, quiet pipes, don't wanna wake anyone. Otherwise, if the sun is shining i'll take the ducky for a ride. It's not like i ride around revving my engine. But once in a while it's nice to blip the throttle and hear the engine note. You make it sound as if i'm riding around bouncing it off the rev limiter

BRUBRUBRUBRU! LOL. I suppose the ecomodder forum is a bad place for me to discuss this subject, since I do own several loud vehicles, but not for the attention, mostly to squeeze all the power I can out of the bikes, intake, exhaust, dyno tunes, etc.

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