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Actually, just butting in here 'cause I found a couple of copper colored coins in my pocket and wanted to throw them out,
Spent most of my life in the kind of winters theguitarguy pictured earlier, and have to admit that I've had the same concerns. But then I read you canucks and nor'easters saying it's no problem. So I think.
That's never good for the digestion.
rear wheel skirts might be OK on a front wheel drive. Now that I reflect, all of my serious "wheel well packed with slush-turned-to-ice so tightly the wheel is frozen solid" experience has been on the front wheels of a front wheel drive car. Huh. So, maybe, even in the worst wet-snow-turned-to-slush-then refreezing-into-a-gianormous-block scenario wouldn't be a problem on a fwd with rear wheel skirts. Not that I wouldn't advise removing a front air dam before driving in the snow!
And remembering how many times I've gotten "highcentered" on snow that you could drive on until you stopped, which was when you sank through the bottom three inches of "slushpack", I'm not sure a bellypan would survive a typical Colorado winter. Removing skirts and airdam is one thing, but to have to do it to a bellypan? AAARRRGGGHHH!
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