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pack ice

Originally Posted by thatguitarguy View Post
This doesn't sound right to me. The reason they have 10 ton front loaders moving snow around here is that it doesn't just gently move to the side. And every vehicle I've ever driven in the snow (many) has collected packed ice and snow inside the wheel wells. This much enclosure around a wheel could be a disaster. This configuration looks to me to be a dry weather set up.

It's a challenge to find low budget aerodynamic solutions. It's a real challenge to find a usable balance between a Bonneville test vehicle and a daily commuter.
I've been able to muddle through Salt Lake and over the mountains,Vail Pass,etc.,into Colorado and then south and over Raton Pass with all sorts of aero appendages in significant snows.
I was "clenched" a lot of those miles,but it worked out okay.
If I were designing for 4-seasons I might consider exotic Rube Goldbergesque technology for the wheel areas but sofar,low tech has doe pretty well.
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