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Originally Posted by sbdeadelf View Post
Does anyone have actual A-B-A test results on this? When I went from 155s to 185s on my Fiesta my mileage seemed to drop a lot, but I never did any reliable testing. A 155/60/15 is the biggest tire that will fit on an early Sprint and I LOVE them, but if somebody with a test-able Metro (96 or newer I guess) lives near enough to me in SoCal and has some wide tires and wants to swap and test, I'm game!

If you are going to do A-B-A testing, EVERYTHING has to be the same, except for the item under test.

There are differences in RR between new and worn tires, tires of different speed ratings, tires with different load carrying capacities, not to mention tires of different makes and models.

Just swapping out 155's with 185's isn't going to tell you anything of value unless you control a whole lot of other things.
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