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Originally Posted by FastPlastic View Post
No big deal guys, It's all about learning what works best for what car. As long as it relates to the Cherokee's I don't mind. Now for my two cent's worth. Has anyone ever thought about several smaller electric fans? Place 4-6 smaller fans on the radiator and set them up to kick in at different temps. Just a crazy idea.

Ok, for those of you following my Cherokee. The Partial-WAI looks to be a success. Outside temp of 24F, traveling across town with a mostly warm engine I managed to pull 20MPG's. Once warmed up she was purring like a kitten and was sucking in 60F air.
You know that sensor under your radiator? You can move it to other areas of the engine bay to cheat and get a good idea of the underhood temp anywhere under there. You'll have to extend the wires, though.

It will display as outside temp on your overhead display, and might help you find a stable area that you can draw air from to keep the WAI happy.
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