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Originally Posted by 88hf View Post
also, the PNK wire goes to the blu 8 pin connector. I still have to figure out what the other 7 are for.
usually blue connectors are and under dash affair, could be for climate control?
Originally Posted by 88hf View Post
Does anyone know what these connectors are called?
The actual connectors for hondas are made from a company called Sumitomo. So if you do a search for Sumitomo connectors you can find replacement ones if you need them as well as pins and such.
Originally Posted by 88hf View Post
also, in the ground block, only two of the wires are connected together. The other two, one large, one small simply end. I'm not sure this is meant to be grounded here. Perhaps it is a ground test connector or something?
On all the connectors I've seen like that on Hondas, they have had a means of connecting to the chassis as a ground point. Perhaps the tab has broken off. It also could be an OBDII quirk as well. It very well could be a test connector though, but I'm skeptical of that fact.

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