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"Green" tires to be standard in Europe by 2012

This is based on another article from the eco-issue of Auto Motor i Sport (2/2009).

The European Union is reducing CO2 by setting limits for the automotive industry. In order to raise fuel efficiency (and lower CO2 emissions) the car companies will have to switch to "green" tires with lower rolling resistance. In fact, the EU has mandated that all new cars in Europe be sold with eco-tires in 2011, and all new aftermarket tires must have lower rr in 2012. To aid customers in choosing best tire, they (tires, not customers) will have tags that help compare their rolling resistance, grip and noise. The tags are similar to ones that can be found on all household appliances sold in Europe, stating their energy (and sometimes water) comsumption class. Unfortunately, which class the tire falls into will be solely up to the manufacturer. This shouldn't worry us with tires from well-known producers, such as Michelin whose been selling lrr tires since 1992, but could be a problem with cheap tires from China.

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