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ratatouli - '01 honda insight
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Hey Discovery, looked your thread over. I always liked the accord lx-i. My first car was a 2 door 94 accord ex with leather, but it got totaled. I had an 88 integra that reminds me a lot of the lx-i with the headlights and overall look, gave it away (pressure from everyone to get rid of it), I love hondas. They make me happy. I've owned 5. mazda/ toyota, not impressed. My truck is a mazda/ford and the hydraulic clutch has been horrible in that I haven't been able to drive it in about a year. My g/f has a newer mazda and its nice enough, but its no honda. I've never owned a vehicle with an automatic. Love Florida, go as much as I can. 12 - 0 is right. Who Dat?
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