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Originally Posted by busypaws View Post
Better/smaller fuel tanks. I have a 16 gallon tank on my PT and have never put in more then 12 but have run out of gas and put in 12.5. I have never put more then 10.5 in a 13 gallon tank on Mazda Protege. That means for 1 month I'm hauling around 5-6 gallons or 36 lbs.
Sounds more like you don't know how to top off your tank, my experience, especially on my father motorhome is that certain Gas Pumps blow gas in the tank rapidly even on the slowest setting, as a result if you fill to first click you actually can put in a LOT more gas if you try.

My Buick is only a little north of 3/4 tank if I fill to first click at most gas stations. Nothing like a 500 gallon per minute fuel flow rate.

Food For Thought.
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