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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
I can see cars getting so complex and expensive that only the hyper-rich can afford them. We will all become like the Cubans - keeping fifty year old cars going because nobody can afford anything else.

BTW - CO2 has nothing to do with the ozone hole. That's CFCs. Another regulatory failure.
I completely coincide the ozone stuff with EGR (even the years of it peaking the ozone drama)...bad catalysts, and hermaphrodital paranoia at the forward, no backwards ..nothing at all until molecular/nuclear.

I just read about the rainforest. It concerns me. I know what the summer southern wind brings sometimes, I look forward to it...
Living in the north, living through thin air for six months at a time to the dead things called trees, sucking on the warm houses until the stinky spring epiphany when it spits our lung exhaust back out for that real nature given something to eat (co2) has returned in the spring...

why don't they replant the damn most important forest in the world?

Call it a bad crazy dream, call it what you will. I still got a car firing just once every stroke, for 23 years...original build... of course egr and japanese/california lunacy hacked off.
I would gladly pass it around the world for emissions checking.

WHEN is the lack of man going to end?

they wanna play with fire, they better let it burn dammit...REALTIME.
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