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Do mini pulses, that's what works in my CVT Insight. Very gradual acceleration, less than 1 MPH in 2 seconds, get about a 7 MPH increase, then let it very slowly decelerate while keeping the instantaneous mileage as high as possible. Try to keep the pulse to glide ratio above 1 to 2 (10 sec pulse-20 sec glide, etc). This would be so gradual a change most passengers wouldn't notice.

Speed variations will be very insignificant and total difference less than 5 to 7 MPH.

If you are going to go over 55 look for a drafting partner.

Never driven the new one but using those techniques I have averaged 65 MPG in my 02 CVT. Best highway was just over 70 averaging 57 MPH.

One time I reset after warm up and managed 81.7 at 60 MPH for 22 miles, in heavy traffic with some drafting (3 stripes separation) help.

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