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Hey Marty,
your plan sounds good, although I would be unsure about the benefit from a spoiler wing. The weight savings sound nice also.
Regarding the LEDs, I will only replace the bulbs. Not the complete housings. The Halo taillight look awesome though.
The Wideband O2 is an additional sensor in the exhaust that I use to tune the fuel maps in the ECU. I use EFILive for tuning the car. I still have and need the stock 4 narrowband O2s. The Wideband is in only temporarily to tune the engine.
I'm monitoring the treadwear on my tires very closely and could not find any uneven wear yet. When I do a burnout I can see the full width of rubber on the street even with 40psi.
I bought the solar panels from ebay. They come with a cigarette lighter jack that I plugged into the console compartment. I bought them to fight the battery drain during the daytime when the car stays in outside sun.

Which seats are you going with? Corbeau A4s? I have thought about this also.

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