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ratatouli - '01 honda insight
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might not make the most sense to everyone but here are most of the wires I rung out:

a/c heating

6 WHT RED 10 HTR MoToR 40A fuse
23 BLK YEL HTR Motor Relay under dash fuse 7.5A pwr to several
7 BLU WHT 10 BLWR MOTOR RELAY to blower motor
8 WHT GRN 14 rear defog pwr fuse 50 to defogger relay
42 BLK RED Cooling fan relay to radiator fan pwr
43 BLU RED ECU connector C5 (AC sw signal) to a/c pressure sw
39 RED MG Clutch relay (A/C compressor clutch)
40 WHT Condensor fan relay to cond fan motor
44 BLU WHT Condensor fan relay to a/c thermostat and pressure sw
46 blk to connector on thermostat for a/c fan????

45 BRN to cutoff point
32 WHT BLK 16 To 1 pin connector


47 wht blu to altenator ICU and (gauges)
36 YEL GRN to 1 pin ect sending unit under distributor (gauges)
37 YEL RED to oil pressure sensor (gauges)
35 BLU to distributor (rpm output) (gauges)


5 GRN ORG A18 MIL ECU (gauges)
3 WHT RED A30 ECU to upshift light (gauges)
26 GRN WHT brake sw to ECU connector 'D' pin 5
30 BLU WHT To blu org Ecu connector'C' pin 6 (starter signal sw)
28 WHT BLU ECU connector 'C' pin 10 (voltage backup)
10 BLU WHT ECU connector 'C' pin 18 and VSS
38 BRN BLK to brn blk distribution connector, ecuA9,A22 Logic Ground
33 YEL BLK to yel blk distribution connector (to PGM-FI MAIN RELAY)
11 RED WHT Engine Coolant Temperature to ECU connector D2 and to ect sensor.

Electronic Load Detector

Note:GRN RED from ecu C16 to fuse blc ELD connector
BLK to ALL Blk connector from fuse block ELD connector
31 BLK WHT 22 (ELD) to blk yel tagged #34 (ign system)

Data Link Connector

16 BRN BLK to connector w/ lt blu & wht red (DLC)
24 WHT RED 2nto1 INT Lights fuse + connector w/ lt blu & brn blk (DLC)

Service check connector

brn to ecu 'c' 7

Exterior Lighting

27 GRN BLK backup sw on transmission to rear backup lights
48 YEL RED back up sw on transmission to under dash fuse
2 WHT BLU back up fuse (radio, heater ctrl, pcm pwr)
1 WHT GRN brake sw (coil side of relay) / horn relay fuse 52 to under dash horn relay
41 WHT GRN Horn Stop Fuse to horn relay under dash
9 WHT 14 headlight fuse to combo sw / headlight sw & ICU

ignition system

34 BLK YEL to blk yel distribution connector, two wires out. IGN coil and IGN CTRL MODULE alternator sp sensor fuse 15 7.5A and to blk wht eld wire.


these are all smaller 16 or 18 gauge

17 YEL GRN 16 IGN connector Pin 1
18 YEL GRN 16 IGN connector Pin 2
19 YEL BLK IGN connector pin 3
22 WHT BLK IGN connector pin 4
GRN YEL pin 5 to ecu connector A16 fuel pump relay
20 BLU WHT IGN connector pin 6
21 BLK IGN connector pin 8
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