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Just wanted to report on the 3-cyl 5-door Getz as promised.

I've played with the ScanGauge and compared the results to the calculated consumption over 66875 miles.

The car is driven by the wife, with no other efforts to save than normal awarenes & careful driving. The 60000 miles were driven mostly as 2x30 miles daily, but due to new job the rest has been like 2x5 miles. Conditions include 5 summers and 4 nordic winter seasons.
It includes a little trailer hauling and some highway holiday cruising w/ full load.

The average is 51,755 mpg.
Best mpg is 95 reported by ScanGauge at a constant 38 mph. Interesting although not very useful.

This car is marketed under various model names and with either 3- or 4-cyl. 1.5 liter diesel engine. Both with turbo and intercooler.

See if you dare: Fuel prices in Denmark

Divide by 5 to get US$ value
Multiply by 3.8 to get Gallon amount
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