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I'd go with a common processor over a prefabbed/complex circuit. If the computer is built from components that can be had from boston to timbuktu, from now until 2015 then we can help everyone help themselves...

Yoshi had the right idea and I think the easiest route would be to learn from his lead. Common microchip, homemade PC board, cheap 20 line display, etc.

Look at the simplicity of the design compared to the arduino. No pre-etched board and just a bunch of components that can be bought at once from Digikey, Mouser, etc.

Originally Posted by GenKreton
Anyways, what I need help understanding is how to access the data - that is get the measurements on the wide range of vehicles we want it for. I do not know cars yet!
I'm pretty sure Yoshi pulled the signal from one of the injector wires coming out of the ECU and tapped into the electronic VSS signal at the speedo.

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