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We put 36v worth of worn out, free 6v floor sweeper batteries in the car as our test pack
Would you advise trying to get a hold of deep cycles, no matter how crappy (like the sweeper ones you used), or could I get enough out of regular car batteries to get a clear idea of what kind of acceleration and top speed I can expect?

What did you do for your existing pack(s)? How did you get them? (I remember you mentioning the wisdom of having two packs - a crappier one and a better one so that all the batteries in one pack are in similar condition under load so one bad or worse battery won't take the rest of them with it)

Batteries are a big source of frustration for me because there is no Paul and Sabrina's open source 144v battery pack project, and probably never will be. They can't be produced at home as far as we know, and I know there are tons of perfectly good deep cycle batteries out there, but I either can't find them or they are too far away. There are better things for me to focus on like coupling the electric motor and the trans and getting a controller, but I feel like I could get those things done at lightning speed compared to my progress with batteries. I also want to wait a bit to see if Paul ends up adding Joe's charger to the revolt or vice versa to make a controller and charger in one. If you haven't seen the charger thing, its awesome. This forum is awesome
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