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Originally Posted by GenKreton View Post
Depending on the PIC and school...
Originally Posted by trebuchet03
Buy an ATmega168 (common) and burn the boot loader...
Aww, you guys quoted before I had a change of heart and edited my post.

I'm just concerned over availability and cost. By building the circuit with basic components that are widespread and cheap, then what is developed here will always be available. I just like the idea of ordering everything at once from Digikey or Mouser rather than having to go through specialized sources (arduino, someone on this forum, etc.). There are less logistics to deal with that way.

Originally Posted by Coyote X
There are some really simple atmel programming setups. So a programming circuit could be as simple as a single IC and a few wires. I figure there will be a lot of people not willing to build their own and will want to buy one. Having a easy to build system would be nice for whoever wants to make and sell them assembled. Another advantage of the atmega setup is that even if the chip is discontinued it would be a 5 minute job to port the code to a new one assuming there isn't one that is directly compatible.
Ahh, this is the method I am trying to describe! Simple, available to all, and easily adaptable if a component is no longer supported. If it isn't too much trouble, it would be cool to see the development (i.e. steps taken in detail) laid out so we can follow the logic.

- LostCause
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