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Originally Posted by tscheerer View Post
Now have the major components of the EV drive train, as shown in pics. The motor is an Advanced 8" 4001a, including the adapter and mid 90's GM manual trans. The controller is a Curtis 1221c at 400a, which hopefully will be enough to drive the Insight at around 2k lbs. The current issue is getting the title in my name. Missouri requires an inspection and changing over the title in 30 days or penalty of $25/30 days late. The car is not ready for an inspection and won't be for a while given the current state it's in. If anyone has been through this and has tips or workarounds, I'm all ears.
In my dealings with the wisconsin DMV (which is totally different) My recommendations are as follows

The best source of information is unfortunately the DMV unless you can find someone who built a "hobbyist" car in your state.

If you do ask the DMV questions, ask at a NON-local, DMV, remain annoyinmous and ask how your situation would be handled hypothetically, don't mention the electric bit, just ask what happens if you buy a car that needs the motor replaced and drivetrain and is going to take longer than 30 days to source before it will be road ready.

They should be able to state how that is handled hypothetically.
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