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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
I am planning a trip to Atlanta to pick up another Metro. This one is an automatic, and will only see city trips. But on the way back, it will see highway. I know for 300 miles i'm probably not going to mess it up going 65 but I don't want to, so I am going to take the scenic route.

Now to my question. Google maps has me two (well three, but I made up the third one) choices to make a trip, two of them are pretty much all interstate/highway. One is a slower paced one. The time/distance are as follows.

A: 258 miles 4h 7m
B: 221 miles 4h 28m
C: 192 miles 5h 3m

I understand that driving 70/speed limit A would be the fastest, but would C be the "fastest" at 55?

*I know there are tons of variables, but I am wondering if my general idea is sound?
Assuming you average 60 mph during Trip A and B and 50 mph on Trip C:
A = 4.3 hours
B = 3.7 hours
C = 3.84 hours

Not exactly sure which way you are going but I guess the best route depends on what is most important to you (time or mpg) and what hurdles lurk on each trip (construction, traffic, etc).

I planned a similar trip back in September...300+ miles...and I ended up getting about 4+ mph higher than my usual route I take to go on that trip by avoiding highway travel. It was alot of fun to see different scenery than I usually do on that trip and also saved me some mpg too.

Best of luck with your trip!
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