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Open ReVolt - Pre build controller

Hi guy's,

I've just been reading up on the Open ReVolt controller and the AC version that is in the works and I came up with an idea of making them an option for everybody.

As a PhD student I came in contact with some colleagues who own a small organisation called Dwengo and they offer programming boards and support to teach students the basics of PIC programming. They have a company in China who builds the boards for them and I must say the quality is quite high.

So I started wondering wether there is an interest in pre-build controllers based on the Open ReVolt design. If so, I might be able to find a company that can build them for a reasonable price. At least for the print boards I'm sure that is possible, the casing is another thing, but that should be possible as well. In any case, it will make the controller more accessible for people who are not experts in electronics.

Let me know what you think?!

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